Everybody’s got them—those days where the car won’t start, your dog didn’t make it outside, and you’re feeling about as plain and boring as an undressed baked potato. When all the world seems dark, search for a Glimmer of Hope to light your way to a better day. It’s easier than you might think—just look at your nails! Twinkle like a distant star in a black night and inspire hope for incredible style wherever you go with our sparkling Glimmer of Hope polishes.

Our Glimmer of Hope 3-Pack comes with three shimmering polishes that will have your nails catching the light wherever you go. Contrasting just enough while maintaining the same subtle tone, these polishes will pair together in any combination.



Juliet, Juliet, wherefore art thou Juliet? Minty green and totally fresh, you can make it easier for your Romeo to find you with our shimmery, glimmery Juliet polish.



This polish packs every shade of grey into one, so you can twinkle with moral relativism. Luketa is mysterious, glittery, and lustrous all at once.



Look deep into your glowing purple Kristal ball. This murky, pale purple polish will have you radiating predictions of a glimmering future.

All our polishes are proudly 10-free, vegan friendly, not tested on animals and recyclable and made in USA. Mica, found in some colors, is ethically sourced.

We’ve done our best to make sure the color you see on your screen is the color in the bottle. However, due to many variables in photography, lighting editing and your screen there may be some minor differences.