Say goodbye to saturation and relax in these pale polishes. This soothing combination of shades will bring a calming touch of color to any day. Not quite pink, and not quite blue, each of these Pastelle-ish tones may be struggling with an identity crisis, but they’ll fit right in with you.  You can bring some to the workplace and take others out for a night of fun. Pastelle-ish polishes will give you a subdued hint of the whole rainbow.

Our Pastelle-ish 5-Pack comes with five pastel colors that give you a little bit of everything. Pair any two colors for a highlight nail manicure or creative nail art designs. Use every color for a multicolored mani that gives the Easter Bunny a run for his money.



What’s up Doc? Think of that bright crisp carrot orange, but tone it down just enough for a creamy daytime orange that will pair will any pastel polish.

Light Blueish:

Light Blueish

This blue polish is muted with a touch of grey. Pairs perfectly with any day that’s not quite sunny but not quite cloudy either. Where there’s a chance of rain, but really, it’s pretty unlikely.



On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Every other day of the week? It’s Pinkish. This stylishly laid back polish is as sweet and delicious as a creamy Strawberry milkshake.



It’s not quite purple, and it’s not quite light purple. But it’s 100% Purpleish. Relax and imagine the calming midsummer smell of lavender fields in Provence, France.



What can we say? Our Snotish polish looks exactly how it sounds. With a stand out creamy yellow-green tone, this polish has all of the glamor and none of the mucus.

All our polishes are proudly 10-free, vegan friendly, not tested on animals and recyclable and made in USA. Mica, found in some colors, is ethically sourced.

We’ve done our best to make sure the color you see on your screen is the color in the bottle. However, due to many variables in photography, lighting editing and your screen there may be some minor differences.