It’s party time. You’ve worked hard this week, and now you’re ready to play even harder. Throw your Stereosonic nails up in the air! Whether you’re partying with pink, bangin’ with blue, or ravin’ with orange, these vibrant colors are sure to stand out no matter how large the crowd. Be bold and rock out with any or all of these colors—our Stereosonic polishes are sure to keep the party going.

Our Stereosonic 5-Pack comes with five bangin’ party colors that each have a personality of their own. Each color will give you a stand out mani, or pair them for a one of a kind Psychedelic manicure. These colors are perfect for stamping and creating vibrant nail art designs.

Party Pink:

Pretty in Pink

This pink is ready to party. Vibrant and bright, this is not your grandmother’s pink. Your Party Pink nails will radiate through any concert, festival, or dance club. Let’s party!

Rave Orange:

Rave Orange

Wow! This pulsating orange generates a whole lot of color. As vibrant as you can imagine, you’ll have the energy to keep this party raging all night long.

Techno Yello:

Techno Yello

Feel the beat and show your dance moves with our Techno Yello polish. This pure primary yellow will give your nails a bolt of glowing color as sharp and bold as a flash of lightning.

Slime Green:

Slime Green

Bring on the nostalgia with our bold Slime Green polish. Reminiscent of slime toys from your childhood, 1997s’ Flubber, and gooey alien invaders, this Green Slime polish is sure to be a conversation starter.

Bangin’ Blue:

Bangin' Blue

Blue! Blue! Blue! Blue! Let’s cheer on this Bangin’ Blue polish. Are you sinking deep into the ocean or floating up into the sky? Take your bangin’ nails along for the ride.

All our polishes are proudly 10-free, vegan friendly, not tested on animals and recyclable and made in USA. Mica, found in some colors, is ethically sourced.

We’ve done our best to make sure the color you see on your screen is the color in the bottle. However, due to many variables in photography, lighting editing and your screen there may be some minor differences.